Dental Cabinet Iasi

At Pretty Smile dentistry Iasi, you will benefit from general dental services and children, implantology, dental aesthetics, surgery, orthodontics and pedodontics of the best quality that will help to improve and maintain the health of your teeth but also to maintain their beauty.

Oral health means more than having a beautiful smile and dental problems occur when you wait less. In order to keep your beautiful smile and have proper oral hygiene, each of us needs a specialist to help us keep our dental hygiene and the natural smile. Pretty Smile dentistry Iasi, promotes a healthy lifestyle and offers the best solutions to maintain your dental health.

Cabinet Dentistry Iasi – Dental Esthetics

In our clinic, in a pleasant and modern ambience, using sterilized materials and instruments according to EU standards, you benefit from the following chirrugical WITHOUT DURATION: sinus lift to implant insertion.

Cabinet Dentistry – Children Iasi

The child needs these teeth to bite and chew. Without them there may be nutritional problems. Milk teeth maintain adequate space for the appearance of permanent teeth. Caries, or the loss of these teeth may result in the loss of this space, and later to orthodontic problems for the child.

Cabinet Dentistry Iasi – Dental implant

Our dental implant clinic Iasi uses a new generation of PIEZOSURGERY, which increases the safety of the operator act for both the doctor and the patient, in the implantology operations, it is minimally traumatic, offers a great post-surgical comfort.

Cabinet Dentistry Iasi – Dinti Zirconiu

Zirconia crowns – zirconia is a particularly aesthetic, resistant, biocompatible material. Unlike classic ceramic works, being a very durable material, it can be used without metal support in the rear areas.

Cabinet Dentistry Iasi – Dental Prosthetics

CAD-CAM technique is the newest technique for dental work; is a computerized technique that makes simple and complex, with a 100% accuracy. This dental technique translates into maximum aesthetics, durability and precision.

Cabinet Dentistry Iasi – Dental Fatete

Dental facets are a restorative or cosmetic treatment that can change the aesthetics of smile by improving harmony, color and shape of the teeth. If you want a smarter smile, more harmonious, or simply different, the Iasi dental faces are the ideal solution.

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