Cabinet Dentistry Iasi

Prevention is always the most economical and comfortable treatment that will help keep your teeth healthy throughout your life. That is why the first task of each team specialist is to recommend and apply a pre-teeth care program tailored to the needs of each patient. We will devote the time to find out what the needs and preferences of each patient are. We know that nobody likes to wait, so we always have to respect the programming time. The elaboration of a complex treatment plan is done by consulting all the specialists and choosing together with the patient the optimal treatment plan. We will talk to you in advance about the cost of treatment and we will inform you about any treatment option available and appropriate to your needs.


Who we are?

Situated in an easily accessible area, from Copou Square, the first left street on the climbing direction on Garabet Ibraileanu Street no. 1 in the CFR et.4 Polyclinic at CFR Hospital, Pretty Smile is a private dentistry clinic offering patients dental services of first quality. Within the clinic you will find a warm ambience and a team of enthusiastic physicians ready to respond promptly and professionally to your needs. At Pretty Smile Cabinet Dentistry Iasi, you will benefit from general dental services and children, implantology, dental aesthetics, surgery, orthodontics, periodontology, pedodontics, cariology, endodontics and prosthetics of the highest quality that will help to maintain and improve the health your teeth.

Objective = Excellent

We permanently aim to maintain the highest professional standards, including transparency, honesty, confidentiality, ethics and deontology. We are determined to apply the highest standards of professionalism to everything we do for our patients. Our commitment to continuous improvement is the basis of professional excellence.

The experience

We have created a valuable work environment for each individuality. We encourage, recognize and reward high performance, teamwork and responsibility. We employ a team of professionals including specialists from all branches of dentistry: general dentistry, prosthetics, dental aesthetics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, endodontics, pediatric dentistry and periodontics.

Equipment and Materials

Due to the permanent concern and the desire for improvement, the staff of our dental office is always up to date with new techniques, materials and treatment methods, through continuous participation in congresses and scientific events. writers services Every treatment and technique used in the cabinet is carried out after rigorous hygiene and sterilization conduct. Dentistry’s facilities are the latest generation, constantly investing in the latest technological advances in the field, allowing us to have high-quality medical and aesthetic treatments.

Pretty Smile Team