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Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile) on the processing and protection of personal data on the website

At Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile) we are constantly concerned with the personal data of all the people we interact with – whether at our events or in the online environment (patient patients, collaborators and not only) – to be processed in full compliance with the legal provisions applicable and highest standards of security and confidentiality.

In the following we present our policy in this very important field for any individual, applicable to our website (hereinafter referred to as “the website”), which we undertake to review at certain intervals time, in order to improve it continuously.

In order to keep up-to-date with the updated version of this policy, please visit the website and / or the mobile application from time to time to review it.

We will explain to you in this policy what personal data we collect from the people who visit our website or the mobile application, for what purposes we want to use them, under what conditions we can transfer them to whom and how we ensure the security their. If you have any questions about this policy, you can write to us at or send us your request by mail to the address in Iasi, str. G. Ibraileanu, no. 3, Iasi County.

Who’s Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile)?

“Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile)” is the FOUNDATION OF THE ROMANIAN ENTERPRISES CLUB, Romanian legal person with headquarters in Iasi, str. G. Ibraileanu, nr. 3, Iasi, registered in the Registry of the Iasi Court under no. J / 22/2730/2006, fiscal identification code 19169303, with the processing of personal data notified and entered in the Register of personal data recorders.

Our official website is

How do we collect personal data on the website and / or application?

On our website and our application, we collect personal data when they are voluntarily recorded by visiting individuals in various sections of the site for the purpose of:

  • to make a program at Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile) to acquire programming;
  • will enroll in events organized by Eldent Stomatology (workshops, workshops, meetings, webinars, presentations), respectively to be informed in advance of organizational details (location, time, date) and / or their modification by e-mail and / or SMS messages, but also to send confirmation of participation in the events for which each person enrolled so that if someone drops out of attending a limited number of seats, we offer the chance to participate other interested persons enrolling on the waiting list;
  • to receive additional information not found on the website and / or application that we send via e-mail or SMS messages – for example but not limited to technical information to access events so that the experience of the event does not be disturbed by technical dysfunctions;
  • to benefit and have access to the various products and services we offer on the website, as well as, but not limited to, Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile) in standard or promotional terms (for example: service discounts and events organized by partners of Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile), etc.
  • receive from Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile) messages about future events organized by Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile) for members or, as the case may be, new service offers dedicated to them (direct marketing) via a newsletter / call phone / SMS message, depending on the person’s choice.

During visits to our website and our mobile application, it is possible to collect the IP address and / or information about the pages accessed and the time of access, using the Google Analytics app and cookies. For details on these issues and how to launch or block cookies, please consult the cookie policy of the website.

What personal data do we collect from those who subscribe to the website and have their mobile application?

If a person signs up in different sections of the website and / or the mobile application in order to benefit from certain services we offer on this website / application, we will require personal data strictly necessary to could inform the client about the appointment / event organized by Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile) of which he / she is interested, respectively to communicate further details about him, to confirm the participation in the appointment / event, or to have the opportunity to inform him / her about future similar events (if the individual wants it) or to facilitate access to / provide a product / service of interest to them.

Generally, these data are your first and last name, e-mail address and / or phone number.

Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile) will not collect and store the personal data of those who have completed it on the website and / or application in different sections to provide / provide a service offered in the online environment if they have not completed the registration by expressing unequivocal agreement that they should be processed by Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile). In this situation, the service will be considered as not being requested and can not be provided by Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile).

If a person registers their data and expresses unequivocal agreement for their use for programming, direct marketing, only name and surname, e-mail address and / or phone number will be processed.

For what purposes do we process the data recorded by the visitors on the website and / or the mobile application?

The data that people register on the website and / or the mobile application are used only for the purposes for which they were entered and for which their processing was approved (eg for programming or events like seminars, workshops, presentations, networking events, receiving direct marketing messages) or for other purposes permitted under the provisions in force concerning the processing and protection of personal data.

The consent given on the website and / or application for personal data processing is punctual on programming / programming and will be used by Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile) only to transmit strictly related information for which each individual has enrolled. If consent was given to send messages about future similar events, it may be withdrawn at any time in any of the following ways:

by accessing the “unsubscribe” link included in each newsletter,

by sending a message to the e-mail address

The requested data will be processed by Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile) only for the period necessary to provide the services for which the visitor has opted.

If visitors have consented to their data being processed and to contact them for future events, their data will be retained for a period of 3 years, unless in this interval the persons have not requested to stop the processing data in one or more of these purposes.

What should visitors of the website and / or mobile app that have not reached the age of 18 be aware of?

Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile) addresses first of all people who are 18 years old. Protecting the privacy of minors online is especially important for Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile). Please do not fill in your personal information in the sections of the website and / or the application if you are a minor and have no consent of your parents / legal representatives in this respect.

Who has access to the personal data of people visiting the website and / or application?

We guarantee that Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile) will not sell the personal data it has collected from the visitors of the website and / or the mobile application.

Also, Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile) will not allow access to these data other than third parties who need to know them to provide services for which the visitor has given their consent.

In this respect, we inform visitors who have agreed to receive Newsletters about the events for which they have registered via the website or the mobile application, as these messages will be transmitted by Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile) using the services of an e-mail service company:
If you do not want your data to be provided to the BSS-ONE A RIGHT OF REPLAY platform in order to submit the newsletter, please do not subscribe to it.

We draw the attention of visitors that the website may contain links to sites whose privacy / personal data processing policy is different from ours.

If you submit personal data to any of these sites, your information is subject to their privacy / personal data processing statement.

The personal data processing and protection policy of the website does not apply to the information you submit on those sites. We encourage you to carefully read the privacy policy of any website you visit.

The website may sometimes provide content such as contests or promotions that are sponsored or made in partnership with identifiable third parties. By virtue of these relationships, third parties may obtain personally identifiable information that visitors voluntarily provide to participate in the activity of this site. Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile) has no control over how these third parties can use that information.

What are the security guarantees for visitor data that we assume?

I have applied the physical, electronic and managerial procedures necessary to prevent unauthorized access, maintain data security, and use the information stored online correctly. To ensure your confidentiality, we will follow the steps you need to verify your identity before granting access or making corrections.

To protect them, we will at least take the following security measures: limited access only to employees who need this data for service delivery, access to user-based databases and password, databases will be stored on firewalls protected, the print job will be disabled on all storage devices, processing of this data will only be done by a responsible person designated by the Foundation, any access, processing being highlighted in the logs of the storage device.

What are the rights that visitors to the website and / or the mobile app benefit from?

Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile) undertakes to comply with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 regarding the processing and protection of personal data or any other applicable normative acts in this field.

Also, Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile) guarantees that visitors to the website benefit from all the rights provided by Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of stored personal data: the right to information (Article 12), the right of access to data (Article 13), the right to interfere with data (Article 14), the right of opposition (Article 15) , the right not to be subject to an individual decision (Article 17) and the right to appeal to justice (Article 18).

Right to be informed:
It means the right of the data subjects to receive from Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile) clear, transparent information written in a language that is easy to understand about how Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile) uses personal data, as well as about the rights they have. Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile) understands to fulfill this information obligation through the details it provides in this document as well as other information notes inserted in the forms and contracts used in its work.
Right of access:
The individuals concerned have the right to access their personal data, or to obtain a confirmation that Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile) processes or does not process their personal data, as well as a copy thereof, so that they can check whether they are processed by Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile) in accordance with the legislation in this field.
Right to rectification:
Persons concerned have the right to have their personal data corrected if they are in erroneous Eldent Stomatology (erroneous) records, if they are inaccurate or incomplete.
Right to delete data:
This right is also called the “right to be forgotten.” On the basis of this, the data subjects may request the deletion of their personal data that Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile) processes, if there is no longer any ground for processing them.
Right to Restrict Processing:
Individuals may, in some cases, stop using Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile) of their data for a certain amount of time. When processing this data is restricted, personal data will still be kept in Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile), but will not be used during this period and will be marked as being restricted from processing.
Right to data portability:
Persons concerned have the right to obtain from Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile), in a format that can be read automatically, the data they have provided us, or may require us to transmit this data to another operator of their choice
The Right to Opposition:
Individuals concerned may oppose certain processing of their personal data, such as processing in order to receive advertising messages.
Right of individuals concerned to address the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing (ANSPDCP) and the judiciary.
On the basis of this right, the data subjects can address NSAIDPs or request / petition courts for processing their personal data by Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile).
The ways in which the persons concerned can exercise the rights mentioned in paragraphs 2 to 7 above are by posting a written request at the Eldent Stomatology (Pretty Smile) headquarters in Iasi, G.B. Ibraileanu Street, no. 3, by e-mail at

Revision of this policy regarding the processing and protection of personal data on the website